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Waking Up: No One Said It Would Be Easy


You may be noticing dramatic changes within and around you- and, at first - label it "chaos": Relationships imploding...illness everywhere...weird body pains and unexplainable ailments, sleep, mood and appetite disturbances...emotional wounds coming to the surface... the periodic return of issues you thought you had resolved

....and more. For those of you familiar with the ascension process this is neither chaos nor new news...In order for humanity to evolve, EVERYTHING that is out of balance is being brought to the surface, in order for it to ultimately be healed. And, so it is in our increasing awareness of how we interact with the animals that share our world.


Several months ago, I was asked to connect with the horses who had died at the Santa Anita racetrack since December of last year. At that point, 24 had perished and I was told there would be more. The toll just hit 34. Above is a photo of the 21st horse to die, named "Let's Light The Way." Here is what the collective shared with me:

"We agreed before birth to be the examples. Our hope is to gain world attention - to abuses that have gone on for many decades. It is only when the most extreme thing occurs – and to humans it is death – that we can cut through the noise and have a chance at awakening those who still sleep. To shift mass consciousness, we, like our brethren, have volunteered to undergo this in the hope that humanity will wake up from its sleeping disease.

Each one for the good of all. We knew it would be painful but short in the scheme of things. We chose bodies that would not withstand many years of abuse.

As you know, a new earth cannot arise from a paradigm that is crumbling. The atrocities are being laid bare for those of you who are still unaware."


The other night, Jabulani (below) shared this powerful message with me, shedding further light on the situation and providing us with some hopeful insight:

“The animal world is undergoing a vibrational upgrade: in order for us to withstand the human transition into greater states of awareness and love, we are receiving help in shedding emotional and physical trauma and scars.

The horses’ path has been brought to light especially now: with all of its involvement on the human plane, the abuses are many and the wounds inflicted are deep. However, they see where all is heading and have made enormous soul sacrifices to help humanity step into the light. All will eventually come good, no matter how many earth lifetimes it takes.

The same goes for us [elephants]: while humans – most of them – will never know even a tiny bit about the depth and extent of our energetic work on the Earth – and off – they will continue to open their eyes and stand in our defense because they are rising and love is starting to take the lead.

Stand back and allow the masses to awaken. You cannot rush the process - but your role is to work vibrationally, sending love to every situation, and seeing only healing and regeneration in its wake.

We know you awakening humans are not having an easy time of all of this. Everything is being brought out into the light and the changes can truly rock your sense of ‘reality’. Please let people know the animals are with all of you – grateful and cheering you on in all your efforts to live in authenticity, find joy and release all the ties, the programming, and the painful, faulty beliefs that have held you back until now.

Keep going, all of you. Please keep your faith – we need it.

With so much love from us, to you."


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Oct 23, 2019

And it is working!


Oct 23, 2019

No, not easy! But if it works, yes a billion times yes!

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