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When Animals Are Treated As Equals

Albert (left) Hugo (above)

A few years ago, two horses - Albert and Hugo - chimed in to share the following:

“Most animals only show you their vanilla exterior when Tutti Frutti lies underneath. Our creativity, the full extent of our wisdom and compassion, humor, flexibility, and yes, even that intelligence and problem solving ability you humans prize so highly… You will see the full depth of it only when you see us differently first. Look across at us - hold us in a picture of our highest potential and you won’t be disappointed. Until then, you will only see through the slats a partial image of our souls.”

What I've learned from numerous species since then is that - when their needs are met: food, a safe home and love, animals are busy sending us love and energy to help us thrive. They also help each other and Mother Earth in this way, playing a much bigger role in "the bigger picture" than we have ever considered. It's all done quietly, without fanfare or the need for recognition.

A recent visit to Farm Life Foundation in Callahan, Florida afforded me the opportunity to meet animals who are so loved and respected that they reveal their true nature - which is rather remarkable! Curious, concerned, compassionate, trusting, affectionate and funny - these are just a few of the very obvious personality traits you see there. A turkey named Buttons patrols and protects the property, steadfastly watches over an aging horse, and follows you around, determined not to miss a thing that's going on.

Many other species also lend their voices and energy to this remarkable place, where children and adults may experience what is possible when we live naturally, in harmony with nature and other beings.

Below are two messages I received during my visit, showing us - once again- that animal lives are filled with more awareness, compassion, and energetic capabilities than we ever imagined:


Earl (right hand photo, foreground)

"This lifetime has turned out so well! We are all part of the effort to awaken: hearts connect us. Bodies don’t matter!

Donkeys work behind the scenes even more than horses do. We are unrecognized because we don’t get used for play and performance. As a result, we are misunderstood. We carry all the wisdom of horses. We are vocal in hope that someone like you – and others who really pay attention to us – will listen.

We need a movement to awaken to our inner nature and what we donkeys bring to the planet. Please use us more in therapy. We are gentle by design: God made us that way. Treat us as partners and we will be so: partner with us in softness and healing and emotional support. Different donkeys have different strengths: Some can help with healings. Others are best with children or old folks. Too many of us are dying, laboring for humans and nothing more. Get the word out – it’s all in the plan.

We can give much to society and touching us is very important to help people through fear and to feel all the love we give them. Help them listen to us with their hearts.

Can you share this with others on behalf of all my kind? We can change the world, one human at a time.”



Valentine lost her sight to swine flu several years ago. Her life has been full of love and adoration but now, her humans have grown concerned over her current lack of mobility. (pigs, bulls, etc that are bred for slaughter end up growing too big when rescued, since they "weren't supposed to ever live that long.").

BUT here is what Valentine actually had to say when we had a chat about her current condition:


"Yes, it’s getting harder to move but I can still work, even on my belly! I send lots of energy into the earth. I am working with devas, the nature spirits of the planet.

My situation is much better than it looks; please don’t look at the outside because I’ve learned to live beyond it, just the way I live beyond and without my sight. There is much more to my existence.

I am not ready to go ANYWHERE because my work is far from done. I have been growing my spirit power. And I also still love everything that I can feel, hear, taste, touch and smell!

I’m like a crone – you wouldn’t put one of them down, would you? I ask that you honor my spiritual path and work.

I am deeply connected here to the earth. This is my place. I am using deeper capabilities, working on the Earth Mother and giving back to her.

Please do not worry about me. You must break the ties with what you think you see. I am Spirit first. The body is not even second in importance.

Thank you for my wonderful life here with all of you.”


Many more surprises from the Animal Kingdom await you and your children in the We Walk Beside You series (scroll below for book cover images):

We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World (Book and message cards)

The Secrets of the Animals trilogy (in rhyme) for children 4-11(books 1 and 2 available)

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