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When Earth's Problems Overwhelm Us, How Can We Still Help?

Several friends have asked: "How can we be of help to the animals and the Earth, when there is so much abuse and so much damage that humans have already caused? How can we feel like we're even making a dent, let alone attempt to stay positive - when the problems are so enormous and we feel so much grief, frustration and rage?"

Well, the animals handed out lots of strategies in We Walk Beside You, but the news and the images around us are powerful and continue to "lure us backward"...So here are some reminders and some new content. As a squirrel named Brian put it so eloquently:

“Our experience is that humans do more talking than doing with regard to the problems around them. We think it’s because you’re all afraid; you feel victims of the ‘big things’: governments, corporations, countries. You have lost the vision humans used to have a long time ago, when you weren’t always hearing about these big, powerful things. People used to let their own passion come through, envisioned a better way and took steps to make it happen. Stop being so intimidated, walk with your heads held high.

“You have a big task before you, and I’m not suggesting it’s a one-person job, but it has to start somewhere, and, like all of the greatest positive changes affecting your world, it won’t happen from the top down. If you do nothing else, work on inspiring people to remember their own power.”

In response to the question, the animal kingdom spoke all as One, to deliver some specific strategies for us that are both energetic and 3-D in focus:


"Humans harness enormous power to create change but they need to set their energy and intention first, in order to bring about the results they desire:

FIRST – Stop concentrating on everything that is wrong and all things that cause your hearts pain. As we have said before, a new paradigm cannot be built on an old foundation that is crumbling. To build the new paradigm and create positive change, you must come from a high place. You cannot do this when you are in low vibrational state of reaction because you are matching your energy to all that you don’t want to see, experience or create..(and as you probably know by now: what you focus on GROWS)

"SECOND: Go back to restoring the health of the basics: Water. Land. Air. Every single human being needs these 3 things. The basics will also reunite you so your focus is not on opinion (which divides you). You must focus only on your common needs/concerns.

As a crab said:

'You must connect with each other to stand against the darkness. Come out of YOUR shells!

Yes, the sea and all of us are suffering BUT Love will prevail and it will win if you know that no moments can be spent feeding darkness with your intention and energy.

Stop looking at the size of the problem. A little care goes a long way. Every thought creates the reality where we are flourishing once again.'

"THIRD: Once you choose your focus on water or land or air, the healing effort consists of three parts. NOTE: The first two are accomplished with meditation and visualization. Even if this feels strange to you - we animals feel your intention and understand the power of your minds much more than you do. We know what is being accomplished on an energetic level, even when you don't. We say "hold the vision" for a when you sit quietly and envision the clearing and healing of water, land or air, call upon us animals as you picture the following. We have been waiting to collaborate with you energetically in this way:

1) Clearing Of Constricted Energy - in the form of pollution, beliefs, wounds/scars

2) Raising The Frequency - to the vibration of love

Lastly - and especially for those of you who have been isolating yourselves,

3) Take Action - become participatory as follows:

Pick one thing and let the effort spread like wildfire. Don’t overburden yourselves; ask friends to join you in an effort; once or twice a month is wonderful (more often only if you can do so without becoming stressed).

The reason participation is so important is that the vibration rises and multiplies in your coming together and you keep each other buoyant during challenging times. You have all been disempowered, belief-wise, and this way – in numbers – you can reclaim your power."


Discover more of the inner lives and voices of the animal kingdom and the insights they share to help humans be happier:

We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World, available in paperback, Kindle version and Animal Message Cards on Amazon. Paperback and ebook also available on Barnes and Noble and other sites:

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