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Ways of Being That Turn The World Around

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Those of us who receive messages from animals (individual personalities, species oversouls and animal kingdom consciousness as a whole) are hearing similar awarenesses brought forth by human thought leaders, mediums, psychics, channelers of light beings and those helping us from the other side, and nature communicators. This wisdom, repeated from so many unrelated voices, furthers our understanding that ALL IS CONNECTED AS PART OF ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.


Below are current insights from spiritual teacher and author Nicolya Christi, as well as a channeling from Matthew (who left physical form in 1980 and whose profound, channeled guidance about life beyond Earth and how to navigate our era of intense planetary change have become a series of "Matthew Books"). These are followed by some messages I received from the animals below, over the past 4 years.

In short, it doesn’t matter what source you hear it from…if you allow it, the wisdom will find you.

Human (Nicolya Christi):

We need to say ‘NO’ to war, to disempowerment... We need to stop fighting each other, and instead join together as an empowered force of Light. We need to say ‘YES’ to wellness, joy, harmony, and abundance for ALL. We need to reclaim our autonomy and sovereignty. And … we need to co-create a new story for the world – one that is inspired by the soul and determined by the heart.

Kindness. Goodness and generosity towards ourselves and each other; applying empathy and compassion as our 'first line of defense', BEing sensitive, considerate, mindful and unconditionally loving in every thought, word and action is the way to live the Light of an Aquarian Age, and propel ourselves along the evolutionary spiral of LIFE."

Human In Spirit (Matthew)

"Stay positive, calm, balanced and optimistic. Meditation imparts the peace of mind and heart that keeps your energy flowing smoothly and radiating the high vibrations that are manifesting benevolent change. Visualization is powerful. Envision Earth revolving in golden white light. Envision people of all ages, colors and cultures smiling, laughing, hugging and dancing in the midst of animals, including those you call wild. Visualizing whatever gives you joy or lets you feel loved will send forth the high vibrations that literally are lighting up your world."

Horse (Honey Bee) 2016: (right)

“Generosity is good—it’s like a muscle, and humans need to activate it more.

The spirit of giving is very important to horses and all animals. Remember each other, give credit to each other. That’s what we do. Horses all take care of each other. You humans forgot how to do that.

“Spend more time in intention and conscious visualization, and less time running from task to task. Many of them are really unimportant and unnecessary. Walk in the water, sing a song, dance, giggle—these are all good for you and everything around you. It isn’t hard or complicated; it’s the process of de-complicating things that brings joy and healing. Use your senses, cherish them, for they are gateways to joy.

“Know your worth and that every thought matters because it affects matter. Humans must restore their power and their own unique voice to save the earth, help it flourish and evolve. Earth has a path, too, and it must move on to the next step along the way—where kindness reigns, the world works and there has been a restoring of power to the individual. Hold the vision.

“Intuition is key here and now. Listen to it like a bell calling you to action. Take time before making major decisions and ask, ‘Will this serve the evolution of my soul and the good of all?’”

Horse Stormy (2016)

"Use your time to fill your thoughts with light and love, not chaos and worry. Stay focused on conscious creation, not minutiae; it all begins with a thought, an intention. Use your power wisely to create good. Do not let your mind idle; it will back up and choke like an engine.

“Picture healing happening across the globe and it will.

“Approach each other with softness and love. You are all fragile: humans do not know how to fill themselves with light as we do, and you grow frail and sick—parts fall apart.

“See calm waters ahead; paint calm into the picture of your life. This is how to create change. Let go of tightness, of expectation. Spend more time, become one with All. Let stillness permeate you.”

Tiger 2020:

“Stop clinging to the notion of how bad things are and instead, celebrate what good has been created. Give what you can to support those who save and rehabilitate if you cannot do it yourself, and remember: so very much more good is being done than you know because it is not publicized to the masses.

The rest of the work is all internal but most of you humans still don’t make the connection between what you think and feel inside and what occurs outside of you.

As within, so without.

Spend your time – especially now – carving new pathways for gratitude, love, joy, wonder, kindness and generosity to flow within you.

You will feel so much better when you take the reins and choose, deliberately, what wake you want to leave behind you as you move through your day.

Just watch what unfolds and remember: it is ALL felt in the Web, forever and for always, affecting the collective, even if you can’t see visible results.

All exists in energy first, then materializes into form.”


Many more surprises from the Animal Kingdom await you and your children in the We Walk Beside You series (scroll below for book cover images):

We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World (Book and message cards)

The Secrets of the Animals trilogy (in rhyme) for children 4-11(books 1 and 2 available)

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