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When More Definitely Isn't Better (Not a Diet Post)

I've received and posted hundreds of animal messages over the past few years, so I wondered why I haven't been getting as much new information lately. Granted, the animals told me they're experiencing a huge energetic upgrade - releasing trauma and wounds inflicted by humans - so I might not be hearing much from their consciousness right now.

I also haven't been following their request to "to ask specific questions" in order to receive comprehensive answers from multiple species. For the moment, I've actually run out of topics that make sense to ask, given what I've learned about how they see things. Also, the animals have just been popping in - of their own volition - to contribute their unique perspectives, and I was really coasting on these wisdom visitations.

Well, last night, I received yet another explanation for the slowdown in transmissions:


"Think of a pendulum swinging back and forth. You must swing out to absorb and then in to integrate: we give you many lessons and then you must allow them to incubate within you for a while – and then manifest in your life.

We cannot relentlessly pummel you – any of you – with ongoing new concepts. What would be the point? You would have no time to embrace them as your own and make them part of your existence.

Your human ways are deeply ingrained into you. De-programming takes time, so go back and review what we have given you over the past four years. You will see what has soaked in, and what you may want to consider again. This is how you can free yourselves, issue by issue: Learn. Enact. Repeat."

SO...I'm getting ready to compile the next installment in the We Walk Beside You series. I'm gathering up the animals' words like flowers, and organizing them into an easy-to-reference book, by topic. We Walk Beside You: Animal Insights For Everyday Living, will hopefully allow us to absorb the wisdom the animals have shared thus far, bit by bit, in our own, individual time.


We Walk Beside You (for grown up children)

The Secrets of the Animals (in rhyme) for children 4-11

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Dec 11, 2019

Makes sense to me! Animal messages are h-u-g-e so it takes time to absorb them, for newbies even more than for us who are used to listening to animal wisdom on a daily basis. Oh boy, We Walk Beside You: Animal Insights For Everyday Living sounds really good to me. I can't wait to see it! :o) Enjoy the process. We readers surely do enjoy and cherish every word...!


Dec 01, 2019

A friend just sent my your FB post, thank you. The pendulum is a wonderful metaphor. I have been moving between living in India and the U.S. for the past 8 years as I deepen on the spiritual path and in service to horses for 45 years. The pain from the horse/animal community is what motivated me to close my professional horse training business and move to India for answers for deeper truth and love. The questions were answered and now I am trying to find my way in service to the animal kingdom. Yes, I feel the places of stagnation when I ride and I hear them talking. My work has become a problem solver to sense, feel, un-knit,…

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