.Thank you for all that you do. My dog Stewie means the world to me and I will do everything I can for him. I wanted to say thank you again for helping me connect with my boy Stewie and guiding me in the right direction to help him. 

Samantha Silver

Westport, CT

Sandra is one of the most authentic, kind hearted, genuine, gifted and intuitive human beings I have ever met! Her intention to connect animals and humans, and to make the world better is authentic – and the information she brings forth in her channelings is an eye-opener for all humans.  Her love for animals and recognition for animals as sentient beings is healing and transformative. She is a courageous advocate for all that is good between the two legged and four!

Leslie Lightbourn

Toronto, Canada

When Sandra tuned into my horse Fannie Mae, I was blown away by the accuracy of the messages I received, enabling me to pinpoint some specific things that would improve our horse-rider connection and performance.  

Since our session, I've felt a shift in my psyche in regard to both my horses, Fannie and Boxter.  I have ALWAYS felt excited and committed in regard to my obligation to ride and keep them happy and fit. Of course I fussed over them, groomed them for hours, kissed them etc.  Now I feel excited just to SEE them!!!! 


Last night after our trail ride Fannie kissed and nuzzled me a goodbye and thank you through gate. When I was concerned that Boxster wouldn't load the trailer, I put my hand on my heart and spoke to him, reinforcing the trust connection between us. I also told him that if If he wanted to fox hunt and see his friends he had to march onto the trailer!!   He did to my surprise and there was much less popping on the cross ties as we got ready. 

Robin Feldman

Washington, D.C

I was fortunate to meet Sandra at a time where I was not connecting to my beautiful 10 year old German Oldenburg named Caspian.   I had owned him for 4 years and we had come to a point where I was not sure whether our partnership would be able to continue. When I rode him he would be highly reactive and very distracted to the point that was sometimes dangerous for me as a rider. 


I confided my issues to Sandra as I was at a point where I just didn’t know what to do.  She told me that Caspian communicated to her that he was suffering from headaches that would hit him at any time and for no reason and his vision was affected. We were then able to pinpoint the problem with the appropriate professionals:  the Chiropractor noted that he was very “out in his poll” and that he was suffering from TMJ as a result.  She informed me that the TMJ would likely cause headaches that could be debilitating to my horse.   Once we relieved Caspian of his condition, our riding began to improve and he was essentially cured of his reactivity.  Today, a year later, and under excellent training, we have become an inseparable team.  


Sandra’s connection to animals is palpable and her desire to help is unbounded.    I am very grateful to her and her help as I do not believe that Caspian and I would be where we are today without her assistance. 

Andrea Hirsch

Jupiter, FL

Sandra is a wonderfully gifted animal communicator. Different species from all over, chose her to send their heart felt messages out to the world, perhaps because of the empathy she has for all living beings. Horses in particular, use Sandra as a portal to translate what they want to say.  She has taught me how wise and loving they are. In today’s world it is common to hear words of wisdom from others, but to know and hear such feeling from the horses is truly magical. Sandra interprets their messages in ways we can all understand and this experience of sharing is profound. It can change your perspective. Thank you for your enlightenment, Sandra.

Jodi Jackson

Stratford, CT

Sandra was given a gift which she is sharing toward the highest levels of awareness and toward the greater good of us all. The thoughts and words that she channels for us are surely bringing the species together. Loving truths, lovingly shared...thank you Sandra...whinny on girl.

Mona Loo

Palm Springs, CA

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