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Animal Communication   for Clients

Communicating with horses

“Sandra provides insight and advice that monetarily cannot be expressed. The snippets of the internal workings of my gang of 22 cats have been priceless. I have seen improvements in behavior across the board with most of them, even the cats with the most issues. 

Her channelings from my cats who have passed are treasured gifts from the guys we loved so much and lost, but perhaps not completely.  


My driving force is to make my cats happy given their less than auspicious beginnings and to help other animals as far as I am able. Sandra has been very instrumental in that and her ability is very humbling to those who get it.”- Maureen O’Brien


Animal Channeling

Animal Communication

Equine Photopuncture 

Polychromatic LED Light Therapy

Health & Nutrition Coach

Communicating with cats


 “Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of this wisdom and the insights you have received from my

two cats  and my guinea pig. I am so grateful  to have my eyes opened. Things  are really changing. Twice

now,  I've taken Ginger (the guinea pig) outside and just hung out with her.  I'm honoring her big soul in her little body.  And I am seeing the cats in a way I didn't before." 

- Wendy J. 

Communicating with reptiles
Communicating with dogs

"Since having the reading with Sandra, KeKe my turtle and I have been spending more quiet time together. He even came into my dream and asked when am I going to create more space for him.  Our relationship has grown stronger as I now understand him more and our bond is closer than ever... thank you Sandra for sharing your gift!"

- Sharron W. 

"I contacted Sandra because I liked her style of direct statements from various species on her Facebook feed; She seemed to capture the animals' words exactly as they said them, instead of filtering/editing through our language structure.


I made an unusual request (helping me plan for the six cats' welfare should I precede them) - and as she tuned in to each one, we refined the questions to get the most helpful messages. And helpful they were! I cannot say enough about how they shared their thoughts and concerns so sweetly. In addition, one cat conveyed a message from my husband (on the other side) that I will treasure as long as I am here.


Do not hesitate to engage Sandra to get a better understanding of what your pet wants to tell you. Your relationship has the potential to be transformed, and your pet will be so grateful to be able to "speak."

- Laura S.






Animals are incredible teachers - in part, because they are not subject to the limits of the human condition so they can offer us a perspective that other humans cannot. 


They often see things in us that we don't, so sharing their voice is helpful for both humans and the non humans they love. The animals will tell us what we need to know - whenever they are able - so we can get to the source of problems, forge deeper bonds of love with them and enjoy our lives more! 

I connect with your animal partners, in body or in spirit form,in order to share their messages and insights with you.  I have helped my clients gain greater clarity about their animal partners' wants and needs, resolve behavior and health issues, create closure when needed and forge deeper understanding of the path you are walking together.   


The animals continue to surprise me with their depth of wisdom - and they will likely surprise you too!  Please email me at to discuss your concerns and particular focus in connecting more deeply with your non human partners! 


Please click this button for my work methodology and pricing, which you can view, print or save, as desired. You may have to view on your computer to see the entire PDF:

Cat sitting bowl
Mister T special dog

About Me


I am a channel of animal consciousness, animal communicator, author, blogger and speaker. The focus of my work is twofold:

(1) As an ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR, I connect with my clients' animal partners (in form or in spirit) to create deeper bonds of understanding,

solve problems, clarify life lessons you are learning via your animal bonds, create closure when needed and support you in trusting your 

own intuitive abilities to understand animals.  (more on this in the box below). 

(2) As a CHANNEL OF ANIMAL CONSCIOUSNESS,  I bring forth and share messages from the animal kingdom for the benefit of humans via books, my blog and a whole lotta social media posts (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).

My Story In A Bouillon Cube



In short, in my late 40’s, I left corporate America for the land of the helping professions.  i became certified as a health coach, then as a polychromatic LED light therapist and finally as an equine photopuncture therapist. This last role, working with horses, was my favorite, as the horses loved the therapy - receiving acupuncture with therapeutic wavelengths of light - and their response did wonders for my confidence.


By 2012, I could legitimately help both two and four legged creatures to dramatically reduce pain and inflammation and even shorten their rehab time by half.  


One day, while I was working on an injured horse, a voice boomed loudly in my head: "This Hay Is Crap". Weeks later, I “heard” a message from another horse named Emilion that dismantled every belief I held about human versus non-human capabilities, perception and spiritual awareness and set in motion my dance of awakening to animal consciousness.


For nearly three years, I studied animal communication while clinging to my skepticism; I kept accumulating “real world proof”— solving problems for humans by communicating with their pets—before I could believe the information I was receiving from the horses.  The wisdom and insights they conveyed were what we've come to expect from the mouths of spiritual thought leaders such as the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra and, posthumously, Wayne Dyer.  

Once I allowed for the possibility that Universal Wisdom could be transmitted through the consciousness of a non-human, many other animals of the land, sea and air — both in body and in spirit —began to reveal the secrets of their existence along with guidance to help us survive and thrive as humans.  ​I have come to realize that when I put the animal wise ways and suggestions into practice, I experience greater health, happiness, peace of mind and sense of purpose.


Thank you for trusting your intuition, and for your curiosity in discovering what the animal kingdom has to share with us.  It is a mind and heart opening journey and I hope you enjoy the ride!





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