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“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”

– Albert Einstein


Trilogy for Children

" 'The Secrets of the Animals' books by Sandra Mendelson are amazing! I have a young boy in 4th grade that I help.  He does not like to read, is below grade in his reading abilities, and always wants to walk away after 3 minutes of reading.

But with 'The Secrets of Animals' he was SO engaged!! I was shocked. With Sandra's books, there is a lot of rhyming.....and for a boy who can't read that well, he was finishing the sentences while I pointed to the words! He gets it! 

Client and child testimonial

Sandra Mendelson has something special here.  She encourages us to trust our hearts and listen - and the heart of the child understands what the animals' secrets are conveying.  

I am bringing these books to each of the 5 elementary schools in my city, Ojai, CA."

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Children's Book 3 coming soon

Reviews The Secrets of the Animals

MY DOG'S IDEA: How These Books Came To Be

In the same spirit as We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for An Awakening World, the idea for this children's trilogy was conceived by a non-human.  In this case, the idea factory was my dog, Mister T.


A few years ago, while I was channeling and writing my first book, We Walk Beside You, Mister T made it clear that he wanted to have a positive impact on children.  He asserted that his mission is to empower children to discover who they really are, outside of what society requires of them.  From his non-human perspective, a critical part of a child's self discovery is learning how to use their intuition and sixth sensory abilities to communicate with animals: 

“I would like to talk about teaching children to use their internal eyes and ears – their hearts and bellies – so they can hear us animals and know how powerful they are. We can help them trust themselves this way, and look inside themselves for answers!”  He continued:


“This is not schoolbook learning; it is inner wisdom and must be cultivated from a young age. Children need to say or write down what they feel when they are with us, because they are still pure enough to bring through the truth of the messages we send them. They can show their parents what we share with them if they are encouraged to do so.  If they are watered like a plant, even just a little bit, their innate abilities will no longer be buried and become inactive and forgotten.”

Children and Animals around the world
Child Communicating with Rabbit

A very wise horse named Kodak clarified the issue further:


“Children have not been taught to have a complete foundation in the human world; only the mind life is forced on them. Some playtime must be reoriented away from technology and into the inner realms and out in nature, with us. 


It is the parents who must open up to what is possible for their children, even if they never had such opportunities themselves.  What children are told is “made up” or “imaginary” eg: that all animals and plants communicate, is what needs to be stressed as real. It comes back to the parents’ allowing for this, and the children practicing to strengthen their trust that they can connect with us.  The parents must ask questions like “What do you feel our dog wants right now?” and “What do you think that squirrel is saying to us?”   The children must be praised whatever their answers are because then they’ll practice more and that will really make them good at this!”

A year later, Mister T nudged me again:  “When are you going to talk with children? Why don’t you create a presentation for kids and get out there with it? I could come too, if they let me. I would let them pet me and guess what I’m trying to say. I would say easy stuff like ‘Hi. My name is Mister T’ and ‘I like you’ and ‘Please pet me.’ I think it would be very important and you should tell the other animals and have them contribute what they want to say to kids.”


Well, I took his suggestion to the animal kingdom, having no idea that I would receive such willing participation.  Animals are just wonderful at raising children (both theirs and ours!).  They are also quite clear about the tools that can help today’s children realize their own intuitive gifts so they become the adults of tomorrow who are more self aware, inner-directed,  grounded, joyous, and empowered.


The premise of The Secrets of the Animals trilogy - using real animal messages set to rhyme - is to share these tools in a fun, non-preachy way:  Mister T acts as narrator and guide, taking children on a different adventure in each book:  In Book 1 travelling through the neighborhood, in Book 2 down on a farm and, in Book 3  they will venture out into the jungles, forests, oceans and plains of the world. On each journey they meet different animals, each of whom shares a special secret “Animal Wisdom Way” that helps children believe in themselves and trust their intuitive voice, which enables them to understand what animals are communicating. 

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