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We Walk Beside You series


Through the vehicle of telepathy, Sandra Mendelson provides us with unprecedented access to the inner lives of animals. Since 2012, she has channeled and communicated with thousands of animals from over 85 species of the land, sea and air.

Her first book and deck of message cards -- We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for An Awakening World (2017) --took home the Effie Award for Best Equine Spiritual Literary Work at the Equus Film Festival (2018).

Sandra's discovery of animals as optimistic, intentional energy beings with deep wisdom and connection to all Life, has been a driving force in her efforts to help expand human understanding of animal consciousness.



Words cannot describe how much I love We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. I feel like it was sent to me at just the right time (a "When the student is ready, the teacher appears," kinda thing). Such beautiful and timely wisdom from our fellow Earthlings! Fascinating, thought-provoking, and funny at times, this book has so many messages that the human world desperately needs to hear. It's changed my whole perspective and has helped put me on the road to healing...finally. Highly recommended!"

C.Thomas- Amazon reader


Book Series

We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World   

The first book in the series introduces readers to the breathtaking and rich inner world of 53 different species and what  animals understand about Life – and us.

From snails to blue whales to our beloved family pets,  they not only rectify some of our misconceptions about their behavior, but also reveal powerful and often hilarious observations of human conduct. Even more significantly, they deliver messages filled with the hope, inspiration and vision that are so badly needed in our current human world. 

Some of their profound perspectives illuminate how we may:


  • Accept and process life's greater challenges

  • Have a greater understanding "the bigger picture" affecting us

  • Manage and release our difficult emotions

  • Trust our bodies' internal intelligence

  • Embrace the importance of re-connecting with nature

  • Value the critical role that self-love plays in all aspects of life 

  • Go with the flow of life instead of pushing against it

  • Be kinder to ourselves and the rest of our living planet


​Beckoning us towards sanity and self- empowerment, away from our devices and back to connection with each other and all Life, this eye-opening dive into the world of animal consciousness can profoundly open our eyes and hearts- and help us envision and create the world we long for.

We Walk Beside You book 1
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We Walk Beside You Book 2:

Animal Insights for Everyday Living

Four years in the making - and in response to reader requests - Animal Insights for Everyday Living takes us further into animal wisdom and vision that may be of help to us, right here, right now.


Easy to reference and digestible in small bites, animal guidance is offered in a message-for-the-day format, addressing issues such as Fear, Gratitude, The Awakening of Humanity, Growing Older, Health, Spirit, Manifestation and more. 


Masters of adaptability and optimism, and free from the mind-driven human condition, animals possess a unique perspective that helps re-direct humans back to their true nature and the source of their self-empowerment, joy and clarity.


In their unique way, animals simplify what humans complicate, in order to assist us through our current time of transition and internal questioning.

We Walk Beside You book 2

Praise For We Walk Beside You

“Congratulations to Sandra Mendelson! Her words – and the animals’ – elegantly capture the sorts of things that humans should know about nature, but have sadly forgotten.” 

Con Slobodchikoff, Animal Language Expert, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Biological Sciences - Northern Arizona University, author of Chasing Dr. Dolittle and Learning the Language of Animals


“Sandra Mendelson illuminates the powerful shift in relationship that happens when we begin to understand who animals really are.  Her many delightful and profound stories of communicating with animals show other species’ deep love for us and their wisdom. We can see how animals can contribute to our understanding of life and even help guide us. What a treasure!”

Penelope Smith, founding animal communication specialist, author of Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication, When Animals Speak, Animals In Spirit, Animals: Our Return to Wholeness, Animal Healing Power

“If ever there were a time when this book should be placed in our hands it is now.  Our problems now seem overwhelming but the intentions and actions of the animals offer a different path to take!  Sensitive, inspiring and loving - a book for everyone to read and absorb.”

Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewer

"After I interviewed Sandra Mendelson, her book 'We Walk Beside You' became part of my small stack of wisdom books that raise my consciousness. 

I find myself coming back to it again and again."

Gary Goldberg WRPI radio's In The Spirit


"I've been reading and translating animal communication related articles for Finnish audiences for 10 years. I've seen most of the Animal Communication  books out there and this is definitely one that I will remember for a long time. Sandra shares wonderful animal wisdom and gives you a lot to think about if you are new to animal communication.

 Priceless, profound words from animals. They will shake your old belief systems and nudge your heart open gently, sometimes not so gently if you need to wake up.  Thank you for this much needed book in the modern world as it is today. Animals work beside us, paw in hand. I am so grateful for people like Sandra who translate these messages for us."

​      TBLK Amazon Reader Review

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