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The Animal World is Evolving

Despite what we see all around us, many of us know - or at least feel - that we are awakening and moving forward (albeit kinda slowly). Well, this progress is occurring among wild and domesticated animals as well - and even at a faster rate, when humans don't get in the way. Here, a leopard, a chimpanzee and a couple of amazing horses explain how they're experiencing it:


“As much is changing here in the jungle as in the human world. Energetic upgrades mean lower vibrational beings – ones who cannot rise higher – are leaving the Earth. (As I’ve said before – we let go much more easily than humans do)

Many of us are choosing to be less visible: allowing for more light to enter means peace and solitude are necessary."


“There is an evolution, an upgrading going on in our world – quite similar to your own. The less desirable “human” traits we have exhibited throughout our history are increasingly giving way to more prevalent harmony and lightness.

We have fewer distractions and beliefs than humans so we have less to let go of and can more readily step into new ways of being. Also, most of us have wanted this so we do not resist the changes that have occurred since you began to listen.

There are few humans who will capture this on camera because they always seek sensationalism, but these new ways are spreading throughout the jungle. This is a necessary part of the evolution of life forms on this planet."

Honeybee (horse)

“You might want to know that the quality of our energy work has risen, since humans are awakening and getting in the way less and less.

All energy needs clearing and upgrading. Those of us who can are working a lot on Earth just as we work on human hearts, energy fields and centers.

We are clearing land, rivers and bodies of water – in addition to beings.

Jono (horse)

“What needs to be done is being done with help from light/non physical beings. It would be good if people just thanked their horses daily for all they don't even know that they're doing! Gratitude goes a long way.

Honey Bee (horse):

“For humans who care about the current awakening and healing: Don’t worry about not being able to consciously leave your body; the work needs to be done here in your vessel. As I’ve said before, allowing things to pass through you without resistance OR the input of others, is critical.

You are helping so much more than you can even fathom.

Embrace the ride you’re on even when you feel your worst; know that your individual struggle with emotions you can’t explain is helping to create paradise on Earth.

Yes, it’s a big leap in belief but you can all do it.”


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