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When Your Animals Act Out.......

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

(They are often showing you imbalances in your relationships....if you're willing to see)

Birds told me long ago “Contrary to popular belief, we don’t dive-bomb people to be cruel or protective of our young; we are sometimes trying to catch someone’s attention and wake them up to a problem in their life that needs to be fixed and is causing them misery. Our ways appear crude to the human perception. Our messages are not understood because humans could never fathom that they have any meaning, or that we might know something that they don’t about themselves."

Well our domestic animal partners are very often trying to tell us the same thing.

A client contacted me and told me her cats, Sage and Paawni were acting up. Paawni, in particular, was peeing on her husband's things. Even if he dropped a towel on the floor, Paawni went over and peed on the towel. Sage stepped forward and shared this:

"I’ve been trying to get [my human's] attention by acting out in little ways. Like most humans do, she thinks it’s 'the cat’s problem' when, instead, I’m trying to show her what’s out of balance in her life that is being ignored. I know this is a very hard leap for humans to make: to see an odd behavior in us and first look inward at themselves for the cause. No one is pointing fingers but there’s some work you humans have to do…you need to be honest with each other in a way you are not now – that’s front and center. We hear all your thoughts and feel your hearts – and when they are open or closed to each other – so we know.

My client immediately had an "aha" moment: "My two cats have been almost like acting in a play in front of us both. Like, see, this is you guys. How does this make you feel?

My hubbie and I talked about it this morning. We have started big conversation!!!" So...before you blame your pet partner for bad behavior, you may want to have a look in the mirror, first.




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