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We Are The Game Changers...Just Ask The Animals

The more we see our institutions fail us and worsen problems, the more we have the opportunity to look to ourselves to create change. The animals have much to say about the topic because they see us- and our future hopefully:

"Our experience is that humans talk more than they actually do; they spend a lot of time talking about the problems around them. We think it’s because you’re all afraid; you feel victims of the 'big things': governments, corporations, you have lost the vision humans used to have a long time ago, when you weren’t always hearing about the power of these 'big things' and people let their own passion come through, envisioning a better way and taking steps to make it happen.

Stop being so intimidated, walk with your heads held high. Pride is not a bad thing, it just gets a bad rap. People who take pride in things: their bodies, their homes, their property, their neighborhood, take care of them and don’t pollute and destroy them! Just this one concept- if you could put this into practice - could change society as you know it. Think about it…

You have a big task before you and I’m not suggesting it’s a one-person job…but it has to start somewhere and, like all of the greatest positive changes affecting your world, it won’t happen from the top-down. If you do nothing else, work on inspiring people to remember their own power.” - Squirrel

We need many torch bearers now- put out the siren call to them: the rescuers, the visionaries, those who lead with their hearts, who question not for the sake of belligerence and anarchy but in a quest for knowledge, truth, health, regeneration and love. IS about love; never let your head gain greater importance than your heart; they can be as beautiful instruments creating a symphony when each plays its role.

Inspire with your actions; for some, it comes naturally as they cannot fathom any other way. If they tried living the status quo, it didn’t work for them, made them sick or depressed or both…you will find this among all those who will lead the New Earth…

I choose to focus on the positive for only that will create a shift in the misery, abuse and numbness we see at play in the world. And so it is for humans: they must selectively choose activities that keep their vibration high; many have realized that they can no longer watch the news for this reason- it only sucks you back into the prevailing darkness and fear”. - Elephant

You must first change the way you see yourselves. Reclaim your power. See what you want, be what you want. Call it to you and the universe will bring it AS LONG AS YOU BELIEVE. You must get out of the old belief box or you will keep going around and around never getting off the merry-go-round. If enough people change their thinking on the inside, the world will change on the outside.

Refuse to buy into what you are told, even if you still have to go through the motions. Do not go with what feels wrong inside your belly. Whether you speak it out loud or keep your vision underground, you will still create change by the pictures you hold of the world the way you want it to be.

Notice when, in your comings and goings, you are connecting with others who feel as you do. This means you you are calling those with like vibration to you. See how good you feel when kindness, hope, the belief in Oneness with all Life is your topic of conversation? How hugs, smiles and warm wishes follow? THIS IS THE NEW EARTH IN ITS CREATION RIGHT NOW. THIS IS THE FABRIC FOR THE FUTURE AND WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE AND FEEL LIKE. Do you see that you can do this? Can you imagine, as the awareness keeps spreading, what it will feel like? This is change from the grass roots level and it is happening now. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON THE GOOD FOR LOVE TO REIGN…and it will.” - Giraffe

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