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What is Joy, Really?

In "The Root of Joy", Justin Andries brings up a good question: "Is our joy rooted in something that can be taken away, such as another person or a situation?" So, I had this topic on my mind when a dolphin showed up with a unique perspective I hadn't considered:

" Joy is what we feel as we leap through water and air for the rush of it, celebrating the very fact that we can.

Joy is something you feel when you have given yourself a mental break and absorb the magic of the moment.

Sometimes it takes days, weeks, months or years to get to joy and it may only last a moment or a minute. However, with practice, you start stringing together more, and longer, visits to this place.

Joy is hiding underneath your adulthood. It was there first and it was all that you were, before the layers of don’ts and fears began to pile up and cover it over.

You may be alone or with another person when you feel joy, but we’re telling you, it is you experiencing your true nature – not experiencing another person – that creates joy. The other person’s love acts as a mirror so it may make it easier for you to see yourself, but remember, it is always you experiencing you that results in joy.

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