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Equine Wisdom: Response To World Tragedies

STORMY (who doesn't tolerate photos because "form doesn't matter")

"You cannot continue to buy into the illusion of duality: my life is their life; their pain is my pain is your pain. Light a candle in the darkness. Stand in your power, stand up for what you believe in – but do it by coming from a high place, from positivity and love.

Stay focused on conscious creation not minutiae; it all begins with a thought, an intention. Use your power wisely to create good. Do not let your mind idle- it will back up and choke like an engine. Picture healing happening (shows me a rose blooming).

Approach each other with softness and love, you are all fragile: humans do not know how to fill themselves with light as we do and you grow frail and sick- parts fall apart. See calm waters ahead- paint calm into the picture of your life. This is how to create change. Let go of tightness, of expectation. Spend more time become one with All. Let stillness permeate you.”


"We need to plant seeds for change everywhere.

Everyone must be involved, even in little ways. Every contribution helps: kindness, thoughtfulness, patience, caring - this is the stuff that creates positive change.

No one goes it alone, understand? You humans think you do but every achievement has a team of angels and helpers behind it. Every. One. Walk with us, be our partners in this intent - that’s why we’re here. There is nothing you cannot do or achieve if you are aware, humble and grateful and lead with your heart. Cues, signs are everywhere- even in a drop of rain. You must pay attention by first slowing down: humans have such trouble with this. We can show you how”.


“You each hold the key to your own future. Blame has no place and must go by the wayside. Accepting responsibility for what you see and experience- that is the key.

You must send love where there appears to be a lack; that’s what we do. You must go for your heart’s desires. Suffering is a choice- you bring it on yourselves with the “small” emotions: fear, anger, greed, worry, anxiety, resentment, jealously and hatred.

Everyone has a lesson to teach someone else. You each pick up jewels along your way, that’s why you need each other.

Remember to take time to sit every day and hold the vision of what you want to happen or yourself and the world. This wisdom is universal. See it and you will be it. Stop overthinking; the way to your answers is through stillness”.

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