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Let Go and Let Flow?

Animals know something we humans don't: they know how to work with Life instead of trying to control everything.

Here is some wonderful wisdom from Hugo- an incredible horse:

"Humans have gotten so used to operating from their own desire, will and hard work that they often find themselves going against the flow of life and never see the bigger picture; then they wonder why things are so hard and they’re swimming upstream without a paddle.

It is better to look for synchronicities, when the universe is extending an invitation to you to ‘take this path.’ Turning things over does not mean being lazy, weak or directionless. It means realizing that you are part of something bigger than you and there is a point to all this. You have to hold on through the not knowing why and the hazy parts. That’s where trust comes in: Trust in God or the universe or nature or anything that is bigger than you and ultimately unknowable.”

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