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Another Equine Insight on How We Can Strengthen Our Bond With Them

“We love to work on projects: a task, or goal that we can tackle with you. We ask that you talk about these things with us.

Talking and Silence: both are important to strive for a balance and the combination bonds us together with you in a powerful way:

Speak your truth to us, share your hopes and dreams, too. Show us with your mind what you want to accomplish. Also, spend all-important downtime in silence with us.

We don’t expect you to understand the full breadth of what we’re capable of right away, but the more you look across at us and pay attention to the finer details, the more you will come to know our true humor, wisdom, creativity, ability to solve problems and flexibility.

Remember: we are here to love you with all of our being, and that love goes a long, long way.”

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