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The Horses' Way To Overpower Radical Insanity

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

What action can we take when the world appears to be going crazy? How do we overcome the sorrow and helplessness we feel? The answer always comes back to love and the animals have never forgotten that it's the truth of who we are. This is horse wisdom that will serve us all:

“All this hatred in the news: the dark ones will fall away if the voice of love is loud enough to be heard. Keep love in your heart every day: put your hand on your heart before you leave the house. Vibrationally, you will shift into the good.

“`Let peace set the tone for your interactions with others. Joy and laughter are critical too because their resonance and attraction factor are high; people will gravitate to the positive.You can all access this at any time.

Know that we, the animals, are here to help you. That’s why we choose the high road." - Hugo

“Spend more time in intention and conscious visualization, and less time running from task to task. Many of them are really unimportant and unnecessary. Walk in the water, sing a song, dance, giggle—these are all good for you and everything around you.

"See only the healing you want to take place in the world. Seek joy within and without: this is still a crucial missing piece. If you cannot find joy in Nature, find it in the eyes and laugh of another being.

“Don’t allow yourself to buy into the illusion of duality. Use your mind to create the world of Oneness that is only light.”

it seems counterintuitive to play and laugh and celebrate when you think you are surrounded by suffering and hatred, but this is how you shift the illusion." - Honey Bee

Excerpts from We Walk Beside You. Available in paperback or Kindle version on Amazon. You can preview the book here:

P.S- Dear Canadians: Amazon is not making the book available

in Canada until Oct 25. Please

accept my apologies...

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