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What Do They See In Us?

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

The Herd at Equinisity- an amazing group of equines (some of who are hanging with my friends, below) gave me a glimpse of how they see humans. It's much kinder than you'd think:

On What Humans Do Well:

“ Humans have a huge capacity to learn a vast array of skills and subject matter. Their minds are flexible if their beliefs allow it, and they can embrace complex and abstract concepts. They have marvelous intellect.

Humans are wonderful builders and creators at a level only they can achieve as they’ve mastered the use of tools and materials.

They have vision and create progress – some of it good – for their society. Humans have also given much beauty to the earth: new flowers, works of art, music and healing sound.

Some have been game changers for the good – Martin Luther King, Gandhi…There can be more like them but now, more than ever, humans must work together as a group as part of humanity’s growth path."

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