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Beautiful Requests from Horses

So many people are becoming away of the exquisite depth and awareness of horses and how very much they are teaching us. Here are just two horses that share what they'd love us to do to bond more deeply with them: (if you're already doing this that's just beautiful)


“Put away the tack even for one day and really feel us as you ride bareback. We’re not looking for stuntwork; we’re talking about connection. Especially if it scares you a bit, know we are here for you.

Tell us first what you are planning; this is a huge concept in changing and deepening our relationship with you. If you treat us like furniture, we’ll show you only wood. But…if you look us in the eye with love…talk to us even if you feel silly..then you will see the heart that beats within us.


"Share what you love with us! If it's a story or a beer, an apple or a flower..anything you like or anything beautiful. We love these things too and we appreciate your remembering us. Read us stories you love if the mood suits you. Sing us a gentle song. Take us on a new exploration. Treat us as your friend, your partner - and that includes introducing us to people you love!

When your hearts are happy, it makes ours sing."

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