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A Parrot With A Great Idea

The other night, a parrot, who said his name was Pierre, decided to come through.

It turned out, he had a possible solution to a problem that plagues those of his kind:

" I could tell you a thing or two. You know what we think is funny? That humans like the sound of their own voice enough to want us to repeat it!

Anyway, the life of a parrot has its ups and downs. Ups: People that engage with us from a place of curiosity and love. We especially LOVE shoulder rides! Let us see the world with you, through your eyes!

Downs: long periods of time in a cage and outliving our humans.

Isn't there a retirement home we could go to? We would be safe and we could entertain people in exchange. Can you bring this up? Thank you for listening..."


SO... maybe we can get parrot lovers to put on their thinking caps...sounds like a pretty good idea to me. What do you think?

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