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How Our "Soul Pet" Finds Us

Ask just about any "animal person" and they'll happily start rattling off the names of the wonderful pets that have graced their lives. But then a sparkle - and often a tear - appears in their eyes when they mention THE ONE. The horse, dog, cat, etc. that changes them forever: the connection that defies both words and time. That partnership that breaks the boundaries between species.

The initial meeting is often an "instant knowing" and the human typically has a sense that their pet chose them, and/or events lined up magically to bring them together.

A blind cat named Leah told me how animals get through to us so we recognize them as our partner :

“I chose my human mom as much as she chose me: I put the idea in her head; it was for the highest good of all. This is the way we influence humans: we connect to your higher Self that knows the best course of action, and we activate it/make the sound loud enough so you can hear it as a thought in your head."

Mr. T. told me that he found me by tapping into my energy:

"Love is the purpose. Love is what made me find you. I had to tune into your signal and then find a path to get me there. It wasn’t easy, but it was my purpose. The purpose."

My client's cat, Poki, clarified the picture further, shedding the most beautiful light on the subject:

"You ask how we know who our human is?

All you have ever loved remains a part of you.

It shines in your energy field, and It carries forward across time. You could say it’s like a bell calling us home…like following the North Star. "

And there you have it: a glimpse into the energetic world of animals. Simply leaves me in awe....

Check out lots more animal channelings at the blog:

For a deeper view of the inner lives of the animal kingdom: We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. In paperback, Kindle and Animal Message Cards on Amazon.

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