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A Rattling Discovery About Rudeness

I have been collecting insights from the animals for and about children for one of my next books. A rattlesnake began to share and I had to stop him because I was rushing off to a meeting. "I'll come back another time" he said. When I apologized, assuming I hurt his feelings, I received a big wake up in return:

"Your not paying attention is not about hurting my feelings. It's a lack of respect. We have a high level of it in the animal world; your world - from your "leaders" to the homeless - is almost devoid of it: Lack of attention paid when another is speaking...breaking commitments long planned...rudeness on the roads, in homes and offices.. GO BACK AND RECLAIM THIS PILLAR OF LIFE THAT YOU ALL SEEM TO HAVE LOST.

Only those with no sense of self can accept being walked upon like a rug - and you all suffer from this too. Your world is held together by these two principles: poor treatment and those who tolerate it because they don't feel they deserve better...And it is most often the very same people! The rude ones truly have low self esteem within. Take THIS to the people!

Now, for children: it's critical to get through to them before they perpetuate the madness and turn into all of you. Teach them to see what goes on in their minds as separate from who they are. The mind is a factory and produces products (thoughts)...and it makes a lot of defective ones! They have to examine these products and throw away the ones that are no good, just the way a factory would.

So which ones are no good? The ones that make you feel bad. Ones that give you pain in your body. Ones that make you not want to be around other people . You must throw them all in the trash." - Python

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For a deeper view of the inner lives of the animal kingdom: We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. In paperback, Kindle and Animal Message Cards on Amazon:

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