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On The Lighter Side: Superathletes

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

As I crawled into bed one night, I realized that I had a neighborhood guest (energetically, that is.) It was one of the squirrels I feed regularly who decided to open yet another door into the animal world. Here is how the conversation went down:

S: "I am mighty squirrel. I soar through the air with the greatest of ease."

Me: "What- the daring young man, no flying trapeze?"

S: "Don't need one. You know, we have Superathletes just like you do. I am one and I am respected for it. Some try feats they can't accomplish

and fall to their death. I, however, am skilled beyond compare."

Me: "How old are you?"

S: "Four years old."

Me: "Do the ladies love you for your talents?"

S: "I have some fans but not like human athletes do. No tv here."

Me: "How do you train?"

S: "Every day I push myself to greter heights and challenges. I am never afraid."

Me: "Do you go by a special name?"

S: "I'm fond of Peter The Magnificent. But you can call me Pete."

Me: "What do you want to share with humans?"

S: "The life of an athlete is hard work and commitment every day. It means not dawdling or wasting time since we still have responsibilities to find our own food and care for our families. We train and have discipline just like human athletes, even on days we don't want to. I'm just trying to show you we are more like you than you think!"

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