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A Zebra's View On Lifetime Lessons

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

As the animals have been answering my questions about growing older, I began thinking of those I've never heard from- especially the zebra. And guess who showed up:

"You haven't asked me my thoughts about anything yet, including growing older. We see everything as steps leading upward; sometimes we wobble but we're forever progressing toward our destination.

Sometimes it is our path to learn very delicate things - fine points. Other times, it is as if we're lifting heavy boulders. All of these challenges are EQUALLY valuable. You can never compare anyone's experiences with any other.

Sometimes our whole life purpose is just to run together in a pack and not step on anyone else's hooves (physical agility and cooperation). Other times we show up in this life and have to really sharpen our mind/intellect so we understand how things fit together....or learn how to get along with others most harmoniously. Other times we are here so we can more fully know God because we had been human and could never feel our connection and importance.

We know with every inch of our being that we are here only until we learn our most important lesson, and the ones we don't learn we will work on in another lifetime."

For a deeper view of the inner lives of the animal kingdom: We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. In paperback, Kindle and Animal Message Cards:


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