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When They Actually Knock On Your Door

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Non-humans are making themselves heard more than ever, as we begin to really listen. The other day, Mr. T barked like a maniac at the door but I saw no one outside. He wouldn't give up so I cracked open the door and this guy did everything he could to push his way inside. When I went outside to listen, this is what I got:

"Do not think that because you cannot hold us and pet us that we are simple and devoid of feeling. This is a lie. Joy. Sorrow. Wisdom in abundance. Yes, we experience it all. Consciousness is something all must know about. The Unseen Truth.

We in the sea also know all of you – we know the struggles of humanity and those of you who are working so hard to shine and rise above them. You who know the truth of Oneness: we feel your hearts beat. We know every time you choose love and goodness. You must connect with each other to stand against the darkness. Come out of YOUR shells!

Yes, the sea and all of us are suffering BUT Love will prevail and it will win if you know that no moments can be spent feeding darkness with your intention and energy.

Share with others these words. Let them visit the oceans, treat them with respect and reverence as we do and know they are surrounded with love from beings like me. Please also tell them if they enter the oceans with their hearts open, we will feel it.

Join us in the celebration of goodness – the only Real Truth. Stop looking at the size of the problem. A little care goes a long way. Every thought creates the reality where we are flourishing once again. “

Perfect timing from the Universe: the same day I received this wonderful, easy way to make a difference for the oceans and all water from animal communicator Mary Getten. The first Friday of each month, let's create some healing reality!

For a deeper view of the inner lives of the animal kingdom: We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. In paperback, Kindle and Animal Message Cards


More channelings at the blog:

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