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Love & Kindness Rx From A Horse

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Since We Walk Beside You was published in October 2017, I have learned that what the animals share needs to be broken up into little doses for us humans. The animals' "way" - as basic as breathing for them - is an eye-opening perspective changer for us two-leggers, with each and every pearl of wisdom they share.

While I have shared many channelings through social media over the past few years, some stuff I've kept close to the vest because it is sacred in its simplicity and power. Much of this is from horses. Here is just a sample from my friend Penny's horse Honey Bee (who we think of as a cross between an equine philosopher of consciousness and a flower child):

Humans need to look in a mirror and love themselves. You must create change by coming from joy. Roll in the grass and under the stars. Listen to Nature to heal. Stop the games of dark emotions and low-vibrational scarcity, jealousy and fear. Remember all life is precious.

“Generosity is good—it’s like a muscle, and humans need to activate it more. The spirit of giving is very important to horses and all animals. Humans need to re-learn or remember it. Bring each other flowers—flowers like to be thought of as gifts and given that way. Remember each other, give credit to each other. That’s what we do. Horses all take care of each other. You humans forgot how to do that.

"Each one of you is an artist, and you have a responsibility to paint the truth on this magnificent planet. Send blessings and love out to Gaia each day, thank her for her beauty and gifts. Plant flowers and trees. Keep populating the earth with beautiful life. Pick up trash, hug a tree, listen to the wind with reverence and appreciation. Your love will help nature flourish more than you know.

Humans must restore their power and their own unique voice to save the earth, help it flourish and evolve. Earth has a path, too, and it must move on to the next step along the way—where kindness reigns, the world works and there has been a restoring of power to the individual. Hold the vision."

For a deeper view of the inner lives of the animal kingdom: We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. In paperback, Kindle and Animal Message Cards.


More channelings at the blog:

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