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Think Animal Lives Are Simple?

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Animal wisdom seems vast.

Readers of We Walk Beside You, tell me they've gone back to the book multiple times because the animals provided answers to so many human questions. Here is just a sampling of some of the topics they addressed

- Experiencing love (in all of its forms)

- Partnership

- Motherhood

- Hardship

- Moving through difficult emotions

- Death, dying and what comes next

- God (aka The Greater, The All, All That Is)

- Understanding and listening to the body's innate intelligence

- Communicating telepathically and through the Web of Life

- Embracing whatever are the key lessons that each soul is here to learn

- Respecting the flow of Life and watching for signs to take right action

- How humans can better connect with and understand non-humans

- How to begin embracing our individual sixth sensory abilities

- How we may experience more joy

And they continue to share so much more....

Perhaps the biggest awakening for me was the revelation that animals make conscious choices regarding how they respond to and interpret events...and that they know they'll get more of what they focus on! This could explain why they seem to take the high road most of the time. Here is just one way that countless species demonstrate this:


"Respect is the overriding principle in the animal world, whether it's among or between species. Our fighting is much more rare than you think and usually occurs when one of us goes to Ego - challenging what is meant to be - and jeopardizes the rest of us. Did you even know that, if the other animals don’t approve, we will leave a place and go elsewhere?"

Each species has its own incredible perspective that can benefit us. I find it really interesting that the wild herd animals - whose lives are so completely different than ours- choose to keep shedding light on the topic of soul lessons. Here is just a taste from last night's antelope message:


"Some souls, like us, must learn to be constantly on the move and forever working in concert. We are simultaneously learning the lessons of flexibility, non-identification with space, time and place, consistent cooperation with each other and the diminishing of Ego. Our transience is matched by loose connections amongst ourselves: we have no specific intimate partner or life family.

The learning of our lessons about Ego is not as extreme as it is for insects: due to their size there is the ongoing possibility of death at any moment's notice. But we are still steeped in these serious lessons.

You humans would benefit by looking at your circumstances without emotion or judgment, to observe and understand what your greatest lessons are. It will explain a lot for each one of you."


For a deeper view of the inner lives of the animal kingdom: We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. In paperback, Kindle and Animal Message Cards


More channelings at the blog:

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