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An Elephant Calls Us Out

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Certain patterns are definitely emerging in what different species focus on. Elephants are one of the species that continuously comes through with a big picture focus on how to change the world. Here's an example (and It's not what you'd think):

"The time has come - even for those who feel powerless to create change - to own and redirect their thoughts and intentions because these are the bringers of healing and wholeness.

We feel your thoughts and they are so powerful! Set aside time each day to hold us in your hearts and see the healing and regeneration of our populations and Mother Earth herself.

You MUST let go of your addiction to fighting against "evil." I know this is perhaps the most challenging task of all but you are actually feeding the misery you focus on.

Just the way you can believe in "God", "angels" "guides" or "The All" and that which you cannot see, you MUST believe that everything is energy - including your thoughts and intentions - and THESE shape reality.

This is something you all can do. Sit. Hold the vision of a world that works. Lead with your hearts in how you care for all beings and things....Now YOU are reshaping reality. Trust in this...see it spread worldwide, joining all in the celebration of Oneness." - elephant

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