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A Cricket Changes My Life


We exterminate them.

Crush them.

Curse them.

We fear them.

We loathe them.

We cringe with revulsion because we don't like the way they look. Even if they are utterly harmless and cause no damage.

But do we know anything about them, really? Well, a few species, notably crickets and palmetto bugs have graced me with more incredible insights than I can fit on a page. Some of the things they've told me brought me to tears - primarily because we humans HAVE NO IDEA...we are so in the dark about how animals really live that it's painful to start seeing the truth.

But here are just a few other things a cricket shared during the course of daily conversations that lasted for 3 weeks:

Cricket: "Our relationship with humans has worn many faces throughout history. We were prized pets in ancient Egypt and China. Beautifully appointed houses were made just for us. But now we are exterminated alongside our cousins, the cockroaches.


Cricket: "We like to see ourselves as artists, creating something beautiful for you to listen to. It is ALL done with energy. We play it between our wings, move it around to produce different sounds – notes as you call them. Like on a violin: our wings are the instrument base / body and the wind is the string where the note is produced. Based on the wind, temperature and moisture in the air, we can produce countless notes. We take great joy in producing these sounds. Do you like them?

Me: "Yes, yes, they are very beautiful, thank you!

Cricket: "We want humans to be happy and peaceful and we try to make music for them to relax and fall asleep to. The notes are especially for that. Do humans have any idea that we do this?

Me: "Hmmm…mostly no. they think everything animals do is instinctual and for their own survival

Cricket: "That is sad. You must tell them we – all animals – want humans to feel the happiness that we do. And so, here I sit, hoping to bring you some joy along with some information.

"The animal world is not seen accurately by humans. You observe only the needs of the body which we all have and must accept.

We are talking about our intent - which is primarily to create good for all. This is our motivation – our Reason behind our reason.

Not only that, but there is much more good we can do that scientists still have not discovered. It could change your world dramatically if you learn how to employ us for the wellbeing of all. And we would do this willingly.

"A new relationship with us [insects] will change your world. We must stay hidden because, even though you love our music, your ideal of beauty is limited and it cripples you humans. You must move beyond your automatic responses, feel us and perceive us as souls / energy beings in forms that are irrelevant to our connection. Our forms and yours serve as vehicles for soul lessons).

Humans do not realize that, as they treat the insect world, so goes their evolution / awakening. Mass annihilation continues. And even those who are kindest to animals stamp us out in an instant.

Closing your eyes is key until you get to the point that our form no longer influences you. This will help you see each other differently too.

Too many snap decisions are made by virtue of how your eyes pair with the conditioning that is bred into you.

Please tell everyone to practice closing their eyes and trying to feel our energy instead of reacting to our image. There is a great deal of peace and love within us that you will feel if you keep trying and don’t give up on breaking out of the judgment wheel.

Talk to your hearts: tell them to lead you and to feel into ours….”


(note: an internet search will uncover sites that sell all these books at a deep discount)

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ENTER THE INNER LIVES OF ANIMALS: Walk Beside You Book 1: Animal Messages for an Awakening World

MESSAGES FROM ANIMALS FOR CHILDREN (in rhyme): The Secrets of the Animals books for children 4-11 (books 1 and 2 available) (Barnes & Noble kids book 1) (Barnes & Noble kids book 2)

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Jan Shaw
Jan Shaw
Sep 17, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I try not to kill any insects if I can help it. Wasps often fly in through my patio doors and I always try to chase them out rather than kill them. One of my favorite insects is the Praying Mantis which I encountered when I lived in Texas. Amazing creatures.

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