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An Elephant: On Leading The New Earth

“I am on the other side; I am one of the Great Awakeners and my role on earth continues here on the other side. As you have experienced, only some humans are ready to awaken as the Earth goes through a shift towards a higher plane. (You call them dimensions). Elephants hold the space for them.

"We carry the wisdom of a thousand ages in our eyes as we have watched the human beast since ancient times. There were always ‘heretics’ - those that saw through the illusion. However, they have been so vastly outnumbered that mankind turned the world upside down. For the masses, innate wisdom was numbed or burnt out like the fields in the dry season. It went underground with the few who held the torch and carried it to this day.

"We need many torch bearers now. Put out the siren call to them: the rescuers, the visionaries, those who lead with their hearts, who question not for the sake of belligerence and anarchy but in a quest for knowledge, truth, health, regeneration and love. Yes, it is about love. Never let your head gain greater importance than your heart; they can be as beautiful instruments, creating a symphony when each plays its role.

"Inspire with your actions; for some, it comes naturally as they cannot fathom any other way. If they tried living the status quo, it didn’t work for them, made them sick or depressed or both. You will find this among all those who will lead the New Earth.

'Yes, I choose to focus on the positive for only that will create a shift in the misery, abuse and numbness we see at play in the world. And so it is for humans: they must selectively choose activities that keep their vibration high. Many have realized that they can no longer watch the news for this reason- it only sucks you back into the prevailing darkness and fear.” - Sadie (elephant)

From the book: “We Walk Beside You - Animal Messages for an Awakening World” available as paperback, ebook and animal message cards:

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