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An Uplifting Update On The State of Humanity...From Bird Consciousness

Thank you for following your heart and intuition to this blog; you wouldn't be here if you didn't.

The fact is, massive numbers of us are beginning to tune into consciousness: we are accessing our ability to receive information through our hearts and our intuition We are having more and more "instant knowing's" that do not involve the mind. It doesn't matter whether your "aha's" come through animals, nature, spirit guides, angels, light beings, your I AM presence or loved ones who have left form....consciousness IS, and you are moving beyond the 3-D world and your five senses every time you tap into it.

While so very much in our 3-D outer world is in a transitional state, I find the animals' suggestions and insights are a constant source of clarity and comfort. They consistently point us back to our own inner wisdom, but also share a perspective that we do not have as humans.

A few weeks ago, at my friend's farm, a large group of birds landed in a tree above my head. They had a lot to say, and naturally reminded me that they can see and report on changes that human news channels cannot, because they are a global communication network with no limits to their coverage!. Here is the latest from bird consciousness:

"We’re bringing you a report from the field; every bird taps into this network. Well, there are bumps and hurdles and resistance, yes, but delicate changes happen first. Little bits of love are being added to the pot! There’s more softness in the air: so many of you have stopped running or at least have slowed down. Pockets of gentleness are growing larger across the globe.

"More people are noticing us and all of Nature: Those videos you all watch are very powerful because they inspire respect of the animals and the Earth! People watch them for enjoyment but that’s the best way the message gets through and sticks!!

"People are also noticing that things are not accidental: when we appear a lot, it’s now becoming well known that loved ones who have left form are here and we show up so they can believe.

"You humans still need to take better care of yourselves; somehow you find it easier to care for others. You’re always about output - even gratitude is output – but you’re not so skilled at receiving input! You must ALLOW yourselves to stop and savor. Receive the energy and love that is all around you. We would love to see more mothers teaching this concept to their children so they learn not just to clean up after themselves and not litter, but to receive energy from the Earth.

"In order for humans to keep waking up, please remember that the more you focus on what is REAL and not made by human machines (food, one-on-one interactions and all of Nature) the more you will see through the veil that is breaking apart.

"Oh yes – and more gatherings of your energies are needed! Most of you are still independents sharing your gifts but not creating a pool, a group…there so much power and change that be created this way!

"Those of you who are energetically sensitive humans really need to honor yourselves and live accordingly. There are many who are here to tap into consciousness and share wisdom but they’re still trying to act like everyone else. What has been honored in your society has been wealth and power but part of the tide turning is valuing wisdom, kindness, connection and healing. You must value these things in yourselves.

"Tell others to try to sit with us and other animals, out in Nature and just write down what they hear in their heads, suddenly know, see with their eyes closed or feel in their bodies. They must work at trusting themselves as your society has, for so very long, insisted that you listen, obey and believe others. Now is the time for all of you to blossom!

"We will never give up on humans because we see inside you so we know where you’re headed before you do! No matter how deeply buried, there is a wise heart inside the overwhelming majority of you.”



We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World (Book and Message Cards)


The Secrets of the Animals trilogy (in rhyme) for children 5-11(books 1 and 2 available)

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