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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Sri Lanka 2019

My friend Jodi is currently volunteering in an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka and was distraught over the elephant exploitation she saw elsewhere in the country, especially in the temples. Rani, a female elephant at the sanctuary, had this to say when I tuned into her:

"Your friend's heart is sad but she must understand that this is what we have known throughout our history with humans. We live treacherous lives and courage is a necessity.

Remember, though: if we focus on what is not balanced, we grow it like a weed.

We know of the positive changes in other parts of Asia and Africa. We know intimately the desires of the human heart and we feel them shifting.

When we are rescued and you see we are not wild and free, realize the happiness we feel being with humans who are evolving.

We are feeding humanity with our light.

Our mission: the uplifting of the human race and the restoration of the experience of Oneness.

You and others like you must publicize all the good that is being it will keep growing like a weed." - Rani

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