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Gecko - or Guru?

When I moved to a quiet development, a gecko began showing up to hang out on the palm tree branch right outside my desk window. I shouldn't have been surprised that on 5 of the 7 days, he arrived at exactly 11:11AM. I realized this was no accident and was probably a lot more important than whatever was on my computer screen, undeservedly absorbing all my attention.

He said his name was Jet and he was to prove to be nothing short of a master teacher gracing me with a crash course in the insights and spiritual wisdom of his kind.

Here is a snippet of what he came to teach us; the entire experience will be part of my next book in the We Walk Beside You series (working title is either "You Are All Children" or "The Deeper Realms" unless the animal kingdom clobbers me over the head with a better title):

Jet- Day 1

“I’ve been waiting for you. I don’t just hang out on this branch because it’s nice. You need to practice and I volunteered to help you. We here in animal land are gathering around people who seriously want to bridge the gap between us. Tell them to look at their intention and notice signs, including our presence.

"We will show you humans who we really are if you are simply open, pay attention and Believe.

You will learn by making time to sit and be open. Stop looking for conversation. We are peaceful and endlessly curious about humans by design, that’s why we sometimes end up in your houses.

"We know most of you are better than you think you are – why do you hate yourselves so much? We believe it’s that your minds say things and then you are ashamed of them and beat yourselves up for it. YOUR MIND IS JUST A WILD NOISEMAKER – YOU MUSTN’T SEE IT AS EVEN PART OF YOU – IT’S A FREELOADER.

Me: “But we use our minds to create and accomplish things.”

Jet: “Yes, but you don’t discipline it! You must keep the good stuff it produces and spit out the rest. The good stuff simply makes you and others feel good and whole and peaceful. Directing your mind is the challenge of being human. Remember we – all animals – hear your thoughts so we know.

“Stare at me. Empty your mind. See how alright everything is in its pure state? Keep looking at me. Feel the stillness – that is what is really inside you! You must take the time out and away from buildings and other humans to find yourselves again and again.”

The rest of the conversation was even more amazing, as he shared lessons on limitlessness, a guided meditation on greatness and how to tap into Universal energy. And, on the very last day, once he finished what he came to say, I was greeted by this in the sky:

DIVE DEEPER....and learn more about the inner lives of the animal kingdom in We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World, the book and animal message cards


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