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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Through the vehicle of telepathy, Sandra Mendelson provides us with animal guidance as a powerful tool for our daily lives. For the past decade, Sandra has channeled and communicated with thousands of animals from over 85 species of the land, sea and air. Her first book and deck of message cards -- We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for An Awakening World (2017) --took home the Effie Award for Best Equine Spiritual Literary Work at the Equus Film Festival (2018). Four years in the making - and in response to reader requests - Animal Insights for Everyday Living takes us further into animal wisdom and vision that may be of help to us, right here, right now.

Easy to reference and digestible in small bites, animal guidance is offered in a message-for-the-day format, addressing issues such as Fear, Gratitude, The Awakening of Humanity, Growing Older, Health, Spirit, Manifestation and more.

Masters of adaptability and optimism, and free from the mind-driven human condition, animals possess a unique perspective that helps re-direct humans back to their true nature and the source of their self-empowerment, joy and clarity. In their unique way, animals simplify what humans complicate, in order to assist us through our current time of transition and internal questioning.

CATCH MORE ANIMAL WISDOM FROM 53 SPECIES IN BOOK 1 : “We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World”

https://www.amazon.com/dp/0999270400 (Amazon)

https://bit.ly/bn_wwby (Barnes & Noble)

ANIMAL MESSAGE CARDS: https://bit.ly/messagecards

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