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Of Gods...and Mice

Some of the biggest, most profound messages I've received have been delivered by souls hanging out in some very small bodies. Mice and gekkos, in particular, have served up some pretty massive lessons. (OK..the blue whale, elephants, horses and water buffalo's were pretty awe-inspiring too, but I'll save that for another blog post).

Anyway, I've also noticed patterns emerging when I ask questions of the animals: certain species appear to "specialize" in certain topics and repeatedly step forward to drive home certain points. I can't help but wonder if this is because they are learning these very lessons themselves, as an individual and as part of their species.

So, what follows are Q&A's with a mouse from 3 years ago (an excerpt from We Walk Beside You), and 3 days ago.

Mouse: When Asked About God and Religion (2016)

“You humans turn everything into a religion. You are addicted to rules. And scientific proof. However did you reconcile these things in your heads?

“Because of my size and nimbleness, I have witnessed every conceivable form of human behavior. And I mean every. Confessions just kill me. I could never fathom such creativity. Some of these folks should really be writing books and making movies. They missed their calling.

“We do not judge what humans think they need to do. We just don’t know where they get this stuff from—religious doctrine, that is. It’s like they convoluted the message so many times that it bears no resemblance at all to what was originally said and written down. We have eaten enough scrolls to know!

“Humans can’t live if they’re not suffering. You think God judges you? It is you who judge yourselves and each other. You think God punishes you? You bring on darkness with your own negativity. You see innocents die and wonder why? Explaining this is our religion: your soul knows more than you do, and it picks experiences—some incomprehensible—so it can grow. God is so high-frequency that no evil can be created by God. Your Karma exists outside of God.”

Mouse: When Asked What We Humans Are Still Not Grasping (2019)

"Humans are still not getting that there is a reason for everything - that there is no such things as an accident, no matter how shocking or incomprehensible an event or circumstance may be.

Soul growth - of individuals and the collective - is the main purpose behind abuse, cruelty, shock and all other 'hard to explains'. Growth can be painful and often does not occur until the most extreme consequence of ignorance is reached.

Notice: the root of ignorance is IGNORE. This very lesson is at play now across humanity: humanity waking up means no longer closing your eyes to how you live, entertain yourselves and USE other beings (human and non human), as well as Mother Earth and her resources.

Do not give into blame of self, others, or even corporations and governments.

If you take on too much, too fast you will shut down.

Focus on your own existence first.

Slow Down and consider the How and WHY of your actions, what you are supporting and where you are putting your energy (aka money) to make sure you really want that thing to grow. If kindness is at the root of your decisions, you are understanding what we are saying."



Discover more of the inner lives and voices of the animal kingdom and the insights they share to help humans be happier:

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