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The Animal Perspective on 'Addiction To Do-ism'"

Updated: May 19, 2019

Perhaps the most widespread addiction in our modernized human society is addiction to doing, or as the animals have called it “addiction to do-ism”.

The result of this seemingly autonomic behavior?

- Stress and its huge impact on our health

- Our bodies, minds and spirits have no time to regenerate

- We separate ourselves from Nature and the animals

- We go against the flow of Life

- We miss the signs and gifts from Spirit and our Higher Selves

- We can’t discover our 6th sensory gifts

- We cut ourselves off from joy

Several species shared their perspectives on this issue and what we can do about it. Here are just a few:

BEAR (solitude, reflection)

“I can speak to you of solitude and the important role it plays in the healing and regeneration of body and soul. Animals innately know to stop, walk slowly and contemplate. We do it all the time—just watch us. Why don’t you humans get with the program? Yes, you are guilty of ‘do-ism.’ Your cells cannot regenerate if your switch is always on.

“You absolutely must take the time to reflect. You continue to plan and get swept up in new people and ideas. Big mistake. Turn off the phone for an entire day.

“Why do so many humans find silence so terrifying? It is where your answers lie, where peace and safety dwell. It is where you are not judged, so why judge yourself when you are in silence? You can stop performing like a circus toy; you can find your own heartbeat and cherish it. Solitude is your savior.

"You humans: you never know how to rest and wonder why you burn out. When I say rest, I mean it. You will never move forward this way."

GIRAFFE (respect ebbs & flows of the energy body)

“Ebbs and flows: this is something humans do not understand. They expect themselves to be the same every day, like machines with circuits, dials and a fail-safe, industrially made engine that comes with a warranty.

“The human body is a machine, but it’s an energetic one and is subject to the energetic forces of so many changing variables around it: planetary movement, weather patterns, the body’s own biorhythms, the prevailing mood affected by local and world events and disseminated by the news—to say nothing of the occurrences in an individual’s relationships and other personal stressors like sleep.

“Allow for the energy ebbs, as they always prepare you for when it’s time to flow, with fresh eyes and perspectives. There are perhaps even more lessons in the ebb times. At these moments, sit down, reflect and stop fighting. Give into the needs of the body and its healing patterns.”

PELICAN (allow things to unfold)

“Humans don’t understand the meaning of purpose, that there is a purpose to life and that all its elements fit together. Humankind runs through life with lasso ropes, trying to control it like a wild horse. This is the opposite approach of what life demands. Allowing things to unfold does not mean being lazy or taking no action. It means setting an intention and then watching for signs and signals as to where you will step next.

“Humans think they determine the course, but they don’t; just like an explorer may set a course, but trade winds and nature step in and they are carried in an unexpected direction. All of nature understands this; only humans refuse to respect the bigger picture and the forces at play."

HORSE: (look for signs & synchronicities)

"Most of the time, animals don’t get to call their own shots and are subject to the will of humans, so our lives are a crash course in acceptance and adaptability. Humans, on the other hand, have gotten so used to operating from their own desire, will and hard work that they often find themselves going against the flow of life and never see the bigger picture. Then they wonder why things are so hard and they’re swimming upstream without a paddle, asking, ‘Why doesn’t this ever work/happen for me?’

“It is better to look for synchronicities, when the universe is extending an invitation to you to ‘take this path.’ Turning things over does not mean being lazy, weak or directionless. It means realizing that you are part of something bigger than you, and there is a point to all this.

"Staying aware of signs—including seemingly ‘crazy’ intuitive urges to call or visit someone or go learn/study something—these are all parts of the patchwork quilt that is what you like to call your ‘life purpose’. You have to hold on through the not-knowing-why and the hazy parts. That’s where trust comes in: trust in God or the universe or nature or anything you believe in that is bigger than yourself and unknowable.” - Hugo

SQUIRREL (get into Nature and reclaim your intuition)

“Why don’t more of you come out here? It’s getting ridiculous. We are doing everything we can to get through to all of you, short of landing with a splat on your windshield—and that probably wouldn’t work either. Come reclaim your rightful connection to everything around you and all of us.

“You all need nature therapy, but you must adjust your heads first or it won’t work. Even those of you who walk through natural areas do so with your head separate and in a fog. You must begin with the understanding that you are part of all this. Fake it if you have to until you start experiencing it. Keep repeating: ‘We are all one,’ ‘I am part of All.’ Believe you can hear us and you will start to hear-feel-sense or know what’s going on. You must reclaim your Intuition! But you can’t do this in the cities.

“Most of you are so wound up that it’s your basic state of being. You have no idea what calmness and clarity feel like anymore. Being numb is all you know to turn off the frenzy.”

"So many of us are longing to get closer to you, but you must begin by committing to silence and stillness and patience. If more of you spent more time with us, you would feel the importance of protecting the magic we call Mother Earth. Come back to us. You have gone astray. Stop all this running ever faster and faster."

HIPPO (have some fun)

"You have to plan your time better: time in stillness. Time in play. Time in work and to-do’s. You humans are so lopsided in how you portion off your time and energy.

Go out and play, for goodness sake! Dance and sing and eat and flirt and hug and kiss and do those human things, because like it or not, human is what you are and there is some good that goes with that.

Fun doesn’t slow down your growth – it speeds it up!!

Stop listening to the ‘should’s and oughta’s. You’re not carrying the world on your shoulders so stop acting that way! You don’t need to be a monk and you’ll never be a saint. So cut out the martyr stuff.”

LEOPARD (go within)

"The way out is to go IN. The answer to what to do is to STOP. You block guidance from us, your higher selves and spirit when you never stop the flurry of activity.

The key is to switch out of DO and into RECEIVE mode."

SO...What are your thoughts on the subject?




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Mar 06, 2019

Two degrees here today. I'm spending as much time as I can watching the birds and squirrels at the feeder and making sure the feral cats have enough food. Can't wait to be back outside with all of them!


Mar 06, 2019

thanks sandra, that was pretty cool. I'm with you on that.I just need warmth then I'll nurture in new England is gonna be 2 more weeks, I'm hopin' for st.patrick's.hops+ barley and ocean scenario peace

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