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To Share With Moms...And The Child In Us All

As I've been writing the second We Walk Beside You book, I've been going through a ton of channelings from the animals, including ones that pertain to children.

While our world is going through so many cataclysmic changes, it helps if we remember our pure, true nature....who we really are before life and "the domestication of the human being" [Don Miguel Ruiz] imprint upon us.

Even though the children of today are more sophisticated and worldly than ever - with so much access to information - the animals still see them for their purity (as they do us adults). I thought it might be fun, for a change, to share what they have to say about children. Each channeling is unique as every species, and every soul, can offer us a different perspective:


“Heh, heh, know how I feel about little ones! I adore ‘em. Just hit me in my soft spot. Best part of humanity are the wee folk. They still got all their sensory parts intact; haven’t been dumbed down or numbed up yet! They glow – they really do – we can see it.

Tell ‘em to sing and dance and celebrate not just when there’s cake and candles in front of them. Life’s a party and they are the main attraction. They bring hope and happiness to all of us, right? We feel the same way in the animal world.

Hug ‘em a lot. Don’t mess with perfection.”


"Children are at their best when they have something constructive to do! Teach them to build something like I do and then they can be very proud of their accomplishment. In general, I like kids. But, I wish they spent more time learning about us non—humans."


"Now, for children: it's critical to get through to them before they perpetuate the madness and turn into all of you. Teach them to see what goes on in their minds as separate from who they are. The mind is a factory and produces products (thoughts)...and it makes a lot of defective ones! They have to examine these products and throw away the ones that are no good, just the way a factory would.

So how can they know which ones are no good? Tell them: ‘They are the ones that make you feel bad. Ones that give you pain in your body. Ones that make you not want to be around other people. You must throw them all in the trash.’"


"The key is to teach kids what most adults don’t even learn, so they can start out on the right foot. Teach them to put their effort into something and see the positive outcome- but then let go of it in their minds like setting a boat off to sail. They must learn the art of release – letting go – early on. Most adults don’t learn this and they suffer because of it. The kids will be happier grown ups if they learn this lesson now."

Albert (horse)

“I’m good at this one ( the topic of children)!

First, remind them that we hear better than they do…that those who have horses are the lucky few to call us their ‘own’. Privilege: they must come to understand this word and not take us for granted.

Tell them we hear their thoughts loud and clear. We know who they really are more than other humans ever will. We also know they can be soft and sweet and that makes us all gushy inside. They can learn more about themselves, through us, than they know. We can also show them peace amidst chaos, especially the chaos of being a teenager. We are here to help form them and help them flourish.

It is important that they understand what real love is at an early age, and they can see and feel it in our eyes. They have only to look. Tell them that when they betray us, toss us aside like an old saddle, they wound us forever. They must know there are consequences even if they’re not readily shown on our faces.”

Kodak (horse)

"This is a pet project of mine! (inspiring kids to connect with us). It always starts with the children. They have not been taught to have a complete foundation in the human world; only the mind life is forced on them. Nature schools are a great idea but we know institutions are slow to change. So, it’s always the parents who must open up to what is possible for their children, even if they never had such opportunities themselves.

What is taught to be made up or imaginary is what needs to be stressed as real, for example: that all animals and plants communicate. It comes back to the parents allowing and the children practicing. Some playtime must be reoriented away from technology and into the inner realms. The parents must ask the questions: ‘What do you think this flower is saying?’ and ‘What do you feel our dog wants right now?’ The children must be praised, whatever their answers are, because then they’ll practice more and that will make them really good at this!”


Much more wisdom and many surprises from the Animal Kingdom await you and your children in the We Walk Beside You series (book cover images below):

We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World (Book and Message Cards)

The Secrets of the Animals trilogy (in rhyme) for children 5-11(books 1 and 2 available)

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