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We Can Never Hear This Enough

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Apparently, it took MANY members of the animal kingdom to drive home the concept that humans are upside down in how we see our own process of advancing in years. Hopefully, these last few comments on the subject will resonate enough so we may see ourselves, and our contribution to life, a bit more clearly:

Kodak (Horse)

“Spending more time in the spiritual realms because you’re less tied to achieving in the 3rd plane is what was designed for all.

Let things fall away; lighten your load of negative emotions. Dump the bucket, so to speak. Less identification with form allows you to fly as your One True Nature.

Spend more time giving out energy, not things. Presence without distraction is the key in all situations; and it’s much more fulfilling for you, you will see!

The principles we’ve shared with you don’t change but perhaps your willingness and ability to live them increases with time.

You can journey within if you want – that’s where we come in. For those of you who dare – whose belief in your own limitlessness is already intact, we can carry you into your inner world exploration. You will have the fullest understanding of our consciousness when you first open the door to your own.”

Albert (Horse)

“Humans are always peering through a hole. When you’ve spent enough time in your current form, you can better see the big picture if you allow it. Intention. Synchronicity. Signs. This living Universe is talking to you and bringing you gifts all the time.

“Aging” can be your excuse for broadening your view beyond the mundane. Youth are obsessed with shiny things, pleasing the body, acquiring, controlling, defining…stuff they think they need. All illusion my friends.

If our lives were only what you see on the outside: in and out of a box, moving in a circle and back into the box, we would go mad. The inner life is where the magic happens.”


“Growing older doesn’t exist the same way for us as for you. Remember, if you define yourselves only within the limits of 3-D reality, you are a prisoner of time.

If, like some of us, you can grasp the immortality of your soul, every lifetime is a page in your book, adding adventures to your story. The end of this life is just a page turning, sometimes even giving way to an entirely new chapter. The only difference being that we don’t remember most of what’s on the previous pages.

Make no mistake though, you are constantly progressing. Every life brings you to a new place and the story of your soul’s journey grows richer.”


“A while ago you asked me about dying but not about growing older! Our timeline is shorter than yours so we have much to learn very quickly. It all happens faster and we need to pay attention to our lessons. This is true for the majority of the animal kingdom. Each day marks a new milestone in our awareness.

For humans, we can only say: you would grow faster and experience much more happiness if you focus on learning and enjoyment. The worry, regret, fear, resentment and worse steal the gold from your pots. Even if you could fly you’d clip your own wings as holding grudges and self punishment are quicksand.

Wisdom is the ultimate wealth and with it comes freedom. So try to remember: Learn, Enjoy. Learn, Enjoy.

Forgive a lot of yourselves and others.

Soar baby, that’s what your latter years are for.”


“Wisdom is not conferred lightly. It deserves more respect in the “developed” part of human society. Throughout stages of your life, there are many tasks to be completed which are stepping stones to wisdom. Physical challenges. Emotional trials. Mental tribulations. You are assigned those you can handle at the time you are capable of doing so (even if it appears otherwise!).

If you were to change your perspective – instead of “aging” see “accomplishment” or “advancement”. You have been climbing ever higher yet you see yourselves as the opposite!

Physical form is irrelevant to the growth of your soul. Hold onto this concept.

Declare it to yourself as a fundamental truth every day.

You are missing the radiance within you that WE see ever growing, reaching its peak only through time. Your job is to treasure it. Walk with your head held high in this knowing – as we do.”


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