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8/19/2022 Gorilla: On Human Relationships

Updated: Aug 20

It's been a while since the animals came through voluntarily (due to chaos in my life) so it was a wonderful surprise when a gorilla showed up last night with this:

“There is so much that humans still can learn from us – from all non-humans – about relationships.Yes, we sometimes have disputes and power struggles but there are certain things that only humans are prone to – and that animals in the wild never do. Here are just a few things:

- We never drain or take another’s energy; we see life force as sacred

- We never experience judgment, comparison or revulsion (we told you this already)

- As we don’t speak in words (instead we use the thought stream, movement, etc), we cannot use them as weapons and we don’t get into wars about what things mean: things are as they are and we do not have labels to confuse each other and cause arguments.

- We do not connect with each other because of sexual desire and do not use the sharing of bodies as an escape, a tool for control or a proving ground for our value, how well we love and how much we give of ourselves.

- We do not represent ourselves as what we are not, or to fulfill another’s expectations. We are always only who we are in all situations.

- We do not search for ourselves in another or seek confirmation of our worth. It is already known to us, independent of anyone else.

- Since survival is critical, we adopt ways of doing things that work best to keep us safe and healthy. We are not tied to how we think things should be done.

- Because we are not driven by the mind, we do not get stuck in its creations. The mind gets caught in what it creates (and in humans, it is out of fear) – not in what actually IS. Distorted mind creations cause separation from each other."

Something to think about, no?

Humbled as always...




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