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With Horses It's Personal and It's Global

When horses shed light on the breathtaking array of their energetic capabilities, I feel as if I'm working on a 3,500 piece jigsaw puzzle - forever searching for the next piece that might complete a significant corner of the total image. Even if I can finish that puzzle in this lifetime, I know I will only be an awestruck onlooker, forever dumbstruck and marvelling at the incredible healing work they do.

For example: A horse named Emiion first told me years ago: "We leave our bodies to connect with All That Is because our frequency gets lower being in a body." [and] "...We heal with our bodies and talk with our minds."

Three years later, it was a tiger who told me: "Horses are ethereal and travel at night." And still three years after that, a horse named Jono said: "It is a complex role we play: committed to human growth on this plane and constantly traveling to other dimensions." (Note: his barn mate, Honey Bee, has shared plenty of information about inter-dimensional travel, but I think it's best to begin with stuff that people can more readily digest). are two recent chats to illustrate the exquisitely intimate work, as well as the global concerns and efforts of horses. Willow and General - two very different horses- arrived at the same barn where resident horses Jono and friends shared some mind-blowing insights and "The Voice of All Living Things" that fill the last chapters of We Walk Beside You.

Here is what the newcomers shared with me:

WILLOW: AN EXPERT AT INTIMACY (note: this is not a picture of her as this conversation spontaneously occurred without prior permission from her human).

I had not visited the barn in a while. Boarders come and go as people move around a lot, so I wasn't surprised that the horse in the end stall, with the best view of the driveway and the entry gate, was someone new. I went up to say hello and was totally surprised by what followed:

Willow approached me and just held her face peacefully against my cheek, then gently rested her chin on the top of my head. Time melted. This wasn't an energetic clearing, as several horses had offered up before. This was so intimate, so personal....if you had seen us together you would have thought she was my horse. All that kept swirling through my mind was: this horse sees me. I asked her if I could tune into her later and, once I was home with paper and pen in hand, here is what she shared:

Willow: "You needed love so I just gave you some. Yes, I have heard a bit about you from the other horses and I know what you aim to do. I will be happy to contribute, but today I just felt this should be for you because you never ask for yourself - you never put your personal needs first.

Me: "Oh Willow, today was so special. You gave me something I've never received before; your love went right into me, like light. You saw right through me."

Willow: "You have no fake exterior. I saw your radiant heart."

Me: "How? I struggle with so much."

Willow: "It is all stuff your soul is shedding and it is going well. Please believe and don't give up."

Me: " Humans do not give love as you do; their love is conditional and restrictive."

Willow: "Sandra, you must love YOU extremely and fully. The horses who are the best teachers are steeped in self-love."




At only 4 years of age, General is a classic example of what happens to countless thoroughbreds. Tossed aside by the racing industry, he was rescued just minutes before he was to be sent away on a meat truck. His rescuer was told that, due to the injuries and nerve damage resulting from racing practices, he'd never be more than a pasture pony. In short, several hundred pounds underweight, he came to my friend's barn for some rehab, so that he could become adoptable, courtesy of the barn owner, her family and some phenomenal boarders she rounded up to chip in for his boarding costs. Here is what he told me:

General: “I didn’t realize until I came here, how much work I need on my energy. I’ve been living basically half awake, half alive.

I just accepted that this was how I was going to feel – that this was what life had handed me. I suppose it’s how humans feel.

And now I am here and I see what the other horses do and what we are capable of …and I know this was meant for me too. I am so grateful..

There are many, many horses who are living half alive, if that. And I want to help them once I am stronger. We pay it forward in our world.”

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